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Our Dental Chairs are designed with a clean and harmonic look in mind. It has a lumbar lordosis position corrector used to reduce the patient stress level.

Its larger and involving backrest allows for a better comfort of the patient. The posterior backrest curvature facilitates the dentist approximation to the patient and avoids involuntarily contact between the patient and the professional.

The dental unit incorporates designs in maintaining clean hygiene. The chair has a single central articulation that facilitates cleaning and improves biosafety. It has seamless thermal-molded upholstery to facilitate cleaning and disinfection. Also, the removable cuspidor, manufactured in ceramic enamel, prevents residuals adherence thus making cleaning easier and better.


The scientific method for total sterilization of Your instruments within 5 to 15 seconds. These are compact state of the art, steam less known hazardous equipment for your clinic. A simple device for quick sterilization of small instruments with effective thermal sterilization. In this the clear glass beads are used in the well. The temperature of the glass beads at 240 C. The instruments are dip in the glass beads for the quick sterilization.

This is a special design having three container systems provide an effective thermal insulation. Thus maintaining the outer cover cool while keeping an even temperature inside the well. The heat loss is very low thus leading to very low power consumption.

Front-loading autoclaves

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